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 In fairness to the other performing bands and the competition, Kalamazoo Experiential Learning Center (KELC) reserves the right to end a performance prematurely or remove the band from the lineup if the band does not fully comply with all of the rules within.

Rules and Regulations

  1. For the purpose of this competition band is defined as three or more people with at least two people playing a musical instrument.

  2. A majority of the band members must over the age of 16, if under 18 need parent permission

  3. Band members must be prepared to submit a typed copy of the lyrics they will perform.  Lyrics cannot include profanity, racist remarks, sexually explicit content or violence.

  4. Bands must bring their own equipment (guitars, amps, keyboards, drum kit etc.) and sound system.  The event doesn't provide any equipment, but will provide electricity.  Bands will be given 15-20 minutes to set up and 15-20 minutes to disband. This time is not included in the 60 minutes set.  Each band is asked to perform a 60 minute set - and if they don't have 60 minutes, then they need to indicate as such and at least provide a 30 minute set and CD music will be provided to fill the 60 minute set.

  5. It is ideal if the band members promoted in the lineup are the band members that perform.  This is required to ensure that the bands are authentically advertised as that band.

  6. Judging will be done via Food Truck Rally Facebook page and New Year's Fest Facebook page, where the winner will be voted on by the public.

  7. This is a family event and therefore bands will be required to perform in a manner that is befitting a public and/or outdoor event.  Therefore, the use of obscene language and gesture are prohibited.

  8. All band members must sign a photo/video/voice release form.

  9.  The band must complete the band information sheet (through survey monkey) and include in that submission a link to video or sound demo of a song/songs that will be performed.  This song will be used as part of the voting process for winning the competition. It should also be a song that is played at New Year's Fest should the band win the competition. 

  10. Bands will sign up to perform at a date of their choice.  This date will be promoted as that band's preview. Bands will be required to work with the KELC event team to outline staging needs and promotional requirements. The performance time will be outlined prior to the assigned date and band members are asked to be familiar with the rules and regulations of their performance and the event. On the day of the show, members must register and be ready for their sound check at the previously scheduled and confirmed date and time.

For more information also refer to our Battle of the Bands information packet. 




If you have any questions or concerns about any of the rules listed above,

contact us at (269) 388-2830 or email us at 

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